Gayle Worley

Business Administrator

"As I sat down this morning and started making preparations to do some monthly invoices, it occurred to me that I am beginning to take Project Ally for granted!

The ability to access a “Project Time Log” in an instant with accurate, up-to-date time has made my job immensely easier. I have to remind myself of the laborious process that we underwent just a few months ago of collecting hand-written time sheets and transferring time to project time logs.

I find myself consulting the database frequently for project information – perhaps looking for the project manager of a particular project or the structural engineer – that is at my fingertips within seconds. I used to spend that amount of time just looking for the project file!

So I thought I would spend just a few minutes of all my saved time, to congratulate Integratis Inc. and thank you for helping to get this program on line for us. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about Project Ally and enjoying the benefits of its capabilities."

Gil Favaro, Jr.

Associate Architect

"Integratis is a great software package for the office network system. It keeps client and contact information up to date (change of address etc.). Everyone in the office has access to the same “correct” information. Time logs are kept up to date in one location at which Project managers have access, therefore better project cost control. Another important feature is that project correspondence is quickly and easily accessible."

Stacy Haug

Interior Designer

"Overall, I find Project Ally to be an invaluable timesaver as it consolidates all of our contact and project information in one location that can be utilized to accomplish multiple tasks."

Ron Worley


"Our fifteen person architectural firm has been actively using Integratis software since 2001.  We have integrated this A/E firm management program into our everyday usage at the office, and have found it to be extremely effective in streamlining the many data intensive activities associated with operating a professional design firm.

In particular, I personally have been very pleased with how Project Ally has helped in the following ways:

  • Saves time and frustration by keeping up-to-date project information at the fingertips of every member of the firm.

  • Improves office procedures, such as standardizing and tracking project correspondence.

  • Facilitates time-tracking by creating accurate Project Time Logs instantly, and makes it easy for staff to enter correct phases of service into their time sheets.

  • Consolidates all of our contact information (both firm & personnel) so that addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address and websites are always current and accurate.

  • Simplifies the delegation of mundane tasks, like e-mailing digital files to consultants, to less experienced staff.

Project Ally has fluidly integrated features that are of significant benefit to the operation and management of professional design firms.  Integratis Inc. has my compliments on developing such a successful, all-in-one package."