Seeking to simplify

the practice of architecture

Project Information

The heart of Project Ally, Projects are tracked from job development through construction administration, expediting communication, document creation & storage, project development, archiving and much more.

Project Fees, Budgeting & Forecasting

Create project budgets and fee proposals broken down by phase, service, service item, staff discipline and associated billing rate (if applicable), track project progress, and easily utilize project phase/service info throughout the project.

Staff & Contact Information

Organizes staff information, assigned tasks, project experience, resume information, correspondence and includes a real-time in/out log. Organizes company plus related contacts information, social media links, project & resume information and correspondence.

Project Management &

Construction Administration

Project Ally easily shares Project Schedule, Project Directory, Task Assignments, Consultant Information and more plus automatically archives past project information (comes in handy for marketing too!).

Time & Expense Tracking

Staff may easily enter hours by project, project phase, project service, billing role, date and hours (direct or indirect) and reports are created with a click of a button!

Project Invoicing

Create project invoices easily by utilizing our summary data to click to add either lump sum or hourly fees plus add consultant fees and reimbursables expenses (may add an optional % mark up). Easily keep track of payments to Consultants.

Marketing & Job Development

Organize efforts regarding prospective clients plus create responses to RFPs easily (including federal forms and some state forms) using the information already entered from Projects Information.


Should you trust your data to a wholly web-based solution?

Project Ally + Claris FileMaker® solutions are databases that work on the web giving you the best of both worlds. Consider the following:

Ownership of Data Framework: With Project Ally, you control the data AND the data framework. If you want to customize it, archive it, or create new reports, you can! If you are not happy with a web-based solution's attributes, you're stuck with an export of your data and no framework. Not very useful...

Independence from Internet Access: Project Ally does not necessarily rely completely on an internet connection like web-based solutions. With Project Ally, you can work on the source file offline, you can be working on an upgrade offline and switch files when your new set of data or customizations are ready. Can't do that a web-based solution.

Security of Data: With wholly web-based solutions, it is super easy for users to share passwords, sometimes with unfortunate outcomes. With Project Ally, you can choose whether or not to put your data on the internet and how much of it is accessible on the internet.

Ability to Archive Data with Data Framework: Because with Project Ally you own both your data and the framework it is in, you can keep fully-functioning copies of your archive data. With a wholly web-based solution you are likely to end up with just an tab-delimited export of your data. For example, you might want to archive a copy of each year's data in it's framework.

Project Ally offers:

• Advanced mobile ready software for your group

• Work on Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone

• Includes Password Protection

• Minimal training necessary